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Handmade with love from Greece

Virgin Mary Pantanassa - Greek Orthodox Silver Icon, Gold 22.7x30.5cm


Virgin Mary Pantanassa Greek Orthodox Silver Icon, Gold Byzantine religious icon  -"ΠΑΝΑΓΙΑ ΠΑΝΤΑΝΑΣΣΑ"  

Size - 22.7 x 30.5cm
Color: Gold
Other Sizes and Colors are Available - Panagia Pantanassa

Byzantine Greek Orthodox religious handcrafted icon with respect to byzantine tradition and Christian beliefs

Greek Orthodox silver icon Virgin Mary - Pantanassa, exact copy after antique byzantine icons, crafted with printed hagiography image in indelible ecological colors and silk print. Faced with a silver film 925°over metal sublayer, which has been specially treated to remain unchanged with the past of the time.

Silver Icon with a wooden back.

All the production process is made by us from start to finish, with high-quality raw materials and experienced craftsmanship.

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Icons can take up to 2 weeks for production and 2 weeks to get to the United States, Canada or Australia

Eastern Orthodox Icons made in Greece

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