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Large artisan ring, Black rhodium spiral wrap ring Spiral artisan - Handmade with love from Greece

Handmade with love from Greece

Large artisan ring, Black rhodium spiral wrap ring Spiral artisan


Spiral Artisan Statement ring large black rhodium ring 

 Large artisan ring, Greek Jewelry, Black rhodium gold wrap ring, spiral wrap ring, Spiral artisan ring, Artisan Wrap ring made in Greece, Greek ring, Greek designer
Black Rhodium and Gold Plated Details Sterling Silver 925 ring in spiral pattern - whirlpool ring made in Greece

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our Greek designers' inspirations mainly derive from ancient jewelry forms. With a fresh, artistic approach these forms are transformed into unique, contemporary, sculpture-like jewelry pieces. Working with Sterling Silver, he creates impressive, bold, high contrast pieces combining black, gold or unplated shiny silver finished with or without gemstones.
His bracelets, earrings, pendants and rings collection makes a powerful statement and speaks to those who combine originality, uniqueness and sophistication.

Greek jewelry designers 

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Greek Ring - Byzantine Ring

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