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Say Hello to the Greek Trends in 2016 Fashion Scene

Say Hello to the Greek Trends in 2016 Fashion Scene

Fashion never remains stagnant. It changes with every changing month, season or year. No matter in which part of the world you live, you will have a separate fashion trend that will differ from the rest of the world. Women are hungrier this year to get their hands on the latest fashion trends not only to look phenomenal but gorgeous at the same time.

Talking about the trends, the Greek designs have never failed to impress the world with their striking vibes. This year, Greek styles and designs are totally in trend. Read on to stay updated.

Oriental Prints

When talking about clothes which are the basic necessity of every woman’s life oriental prints have hit the stores in 2016. The prints are more over inspired from nature. The oriental prints are seen almost in every corner. Jumpsuits, frocks, jeans, formal shirts all of them will have the oriental prints. In spring, women prefer wearing light and vibrant colors. The women living in Greece are very fashion oriented and are very particular about the changing trends. And their influential style sense is grabbing the global fashion scene on a speedy note.

Gladiator Shoes

Shoes are the weakness of every woman. No matter how much they buy this particular accessory they will always be having a feeling that they have insufficient shoes in their wardrobe. This year, the global fashion is trending with Greek shoes. From intricately patterned heels to suede striped shoes women are also drooling over wedges and pumps. With the advent of spring, women are more inclining towards buying multi-colored heels and pumps. These two types of shoes were in last year and they have made their way through this year too.

Hair Trends

Hairstyles are mandatory to get the complete look. This year in fashion blogosphere is oozed with Greek braided hairstyles and buns and they are totally in vogue. Fashion-forwards love the feminine Greek goddess look and it is adopted to fulfill from super casual to formal notes. There are dozens of braided hairstyles that are not only easy but look trendy too. If you are going out on a party then one sided peacock braid looks fabulous of if you are going to a formal meeting then messy bun will look professional.

The Resurrection of Greek Accessories

From tiaras to necklace, handcuffs, bracelets, and rings to pendants and earrings -2016 is all about wearing that handmade Greek jewelry. Gone are those days when vibrant accessories were used. This year it is all about getting inspiration from ancient Greek era. The Greek designs are must-buy jewelry pieces for any kind of an event. Such jewelry will go with any kind of the dress and event.

Stacking rings are high on trend this season. Simply pair it up with your favorite piece of hand-forged Greek pendant and you are all set to sizzle up.

Greek Fisherman Caps

Greek trend always inspired us to wear those fisherman caps. These hats are evergreen and never go out of the trend. Since the women really love to pair up their favorite hat with their overall look. These caps not only make them look stunning but also prevent them from the rays of the scorching sun. These caps are available in almost every colors but black and brown is the top favorite pick for 2016.

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