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A Handcrafted Greek Love Affair

A Handcrafted Greek Love Affair

Apart from the fact that Greece has remained an ardent attraction, mainly due to the presence of avid historical monuments embarking the maintenance of the Greek heritage, the Acropolis and the grand Parathion –people of all ages, especially women, have been crushing on hand-crafted Greek jewelry, and perhaps would definitely owe a huge amount of indebted gratitude and appreciation to the people who magically hand-craft exquisite pieces of silver and gold according to the Greek heritage, thus making them eloquently special. 

Customized Black Rhodium and Yellow Gold Plated Jewelry

Greek jewelry highlights the Greek meander in almost majority of its pieces, ranging from rings with to engraved margins of the Acropolis. If you have ever been to Greece and one of its museums, you would have seen pieces of Greek jewelry plated with a customized black rhodium.

Customized black rhodium or yellow gold plated rings, pendants and bangles have either been hanging around my neck or have been jingling within my wrists and arms. The beauty of these pieces is that they come in at a remarkable price, and embark transparency and reflections as you march along, supporting it.


Semiprecious Stones - A Must Have

Greek jewelry is a recreational addition to your wardrobe. You can simply choose from a rose gold plated sterling silver piece which shines like glass and adds beauty to white and subtle colors. I have also been an avid collector of semiprecious stones - Peridot, which can be used for several purposes apart from mere glimpses of its decorative velvety appearance. You can bead these stones in the form of a bracelet or a necklace, or better yet, stud your earrings with them. The shine from these stones will catch everyone's eye, and will add color to your eyes as well.

While we are talking about stones, let’s talk about why stones have been a brilliant support to our ensembles, as they highlight the variety and varsity of our attire, our choices, and our subtleness. To name a few, I will begin with the usual ones, which are also easily available in the market and hence inevitable to be a part of my jewelry chest. Topaz, tourmalines, and red garnet - these semiprecious stones are three of those transparent chunks of glass which have been amenably engulfed with impurities to add color and beauty to them.

Topaz comes in a variety of colors, and you can get a handful of them to match different colors of your apparel. While at the office, you can easily wrap a red garnet semiprecious stone around your dainty fingers or around your neck, hanging valiantly from a silver chain. I usually wear mono colors whenever I want to adorn semiprecious stones. Light blue, light pink or shades of red and white are three of my most worn colors when I wish to support semiprecious stones.




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